Traveling to a new place can be both exciting and hectic. Fortunately, we live in an age where things, such as directions and currency conversion, are just a click away on a smartphone. And to make traveling even more easy, Sarah of the blog “Midwest Darling” is sharing the 9 best travel apps in this month’s travel guest post! Make your travels stress-free and check out her list below! Travel Apps That Will Make Your Life Easier There are two… Read more »

Fan skirt

What a wonderful way to end the day! I just found out my post “Outfit Remix – 1 Midi Skirt, Styled 4 Different Ways” has been selected to be part of this week’s Independent Fashion Bloggers’ Links à la Mode! (A big thank you to Devinne of Mox and Socks for introducing me to Links à la Mode.) So, what is Links à la Mode? It is a weekly roundup of 20 of the best blog posts selected by the… Read more »

Yuna Yang polka dot see-through coat

The older I get, the more I find myself in search of pieces that will set me apart from the rest of the pack. My earlier years were a struggle of wanting to blend in, but also express myself through my style. Now, I feel I have finally found my confidence to rock whatever clothing item I fancy. It wasn’t something that happened overnight. I wouldn’t even say it was something that happened when I started this blog. It took… Read more »

fan skirt

I’m trying something a little different today, instead of a whole new outfit post… I’m taking a look at how I styled one of my favorite skirts, 4 different ways. I actually re-use my dresses and skirts pretty frequently on my blog, but I’ve always tried to not call too much attention to it. For some reason, it made me feel like a “bad blogger” to not have a brand-spanking new outfit each time I post. But it’s just crazy… Read more »

Liana of Finding Femme

Meet Liana! She’s this month’s Featured Fashionista and the creative genius behind the blog “Finding Femme.” As you can see, Liana has the most incredible sense of style and is a natural both in front of and behind the camera. She is one of the very first bloggers I ever started following, and I have always been blown away by each and every post Liana publishes. She is talented in so many different areas…from writing to singing to photography and… Read more »

Yuna Yang Floral Print Button-up dress

Polka dots, lace and floral prints…these are a few of my favorite things. And this dress, from designer Yuna Yang, embodies all of these things without being too over-the-top. It is beautiful, feminine and oh so perfect for this time of year! Needless to say, I was incredibly excited when I was asked to collaborate with Yuna Yang… as her designs have been rocking the NYFW runways for 11 years. They are timeless and classy and (my personal favorite) they… Read more »

Lilee Fashion dress

Shop the look:   The first words that come to my mind when describing this dress are always “fun & flirty.” If this dress was a person, it would be the kind that has mastered the hair flip and eyelash batting, haha. It is one of my favorites to wear for a date night (which I did in this post in January), but it’s also versatile enough to wear to Mother’s Day brunch (which I did just wear it for)… Read more »

Casual maxi skirt outfit

Shop the look:   Happy Friday! We made it through the week! And in honor of this lovely day, I’m sharing a casual and comfy Friday look. Ok, technically I think I had worn this outfit on a Wednesday…it was the last day of our trip in New Orleans, and I wanted a comfy look for wandering around in the morning and then flying home that afternoon/night. And this outfit was SO comfy for our plane ride. However, this top… Read more »

Lafayette Cemetery

  New Orleans is a city all its own, with many quirky experiences to be had. From ghost tours to tarot card readings to sampling the “planet’s best” hot sauce…there are many fun experiences you can have in just a few days of visiting New Orleans! (I am also announcing the giveaway winners of the Firmoo Eyeglasses Giveaway in this post…it’s at the bottom if you just can’t wait!) 1.) Take a Haunted History Ghost Tour Whether you believe in… Read more »

Lilee Fashion dress

Don’t worry – this dress is not actually see-through, haha. It’s honestly one of the least sheer, light-colored dresses that I own. There’s a nude slip under it (and even a tank-top as well)! I know some of these photos made that a bit hard to tell, though. (And my husband said it’s quite the optical illusion in-person too, haha.) With that being said, however, I am really coming around to the whole white, sundress thing! And I couldn’t have… Read more »

Team Bucky Civil War Outfit

Shop the look:   If you’re new to my blog you probably haven’t had the opportunity to hear about my love of Marvel or The Winter Soldier. I won’t get into too much right now (feel free to click here for more on that), but let’s just say I’m a fan. So, last night I wasn’t going to miss going to “Captain America: Civil War,” and of course, dressing in something that portrayed my love of Bucky Barnes. Haha. I… Read more »

Firmoo Glasses & Lilee Fashion Dress

I have to start this post off by saying Happy Star Wars Day to you all, and May the 4th Be With You! I didn’t go all out with my Star Wars attire this year (but I did do that last year, click here to see that post). And that’s because the star of today’s post is Firmoo Eyeglasses, who is hosting a giveaway with me! (But that didn’t stop me from breaking out my Stormtrooper purse, haha.) I’ll get… Read more »

thredup maxi skirt

Shop the look:   I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend! The highlight of mine was getting drinks with a friend and last night’s Game of Thrones episode, haha. Otherwise, it was a bit rainy and windy and just all around blah here for most of the weekend. So, I am still living vicariously through my photos from our trip to New Orleans. These photos were taken at our hotel right before we went to dinner at Brennan’s (which I… Read more »

ModCloth marine bio skirt

Shop the look:   My self-control, that I was bragging about in my previous wishlist post, has completely gone to heck. Does this skirt look familiar? Haha, yeah, it’s the ModCloth one from my spring wishlist that I wanted but swore to myself I wasn’t going to buy. (Because I certainly have quite the collection of skirts already.) After I ordered it (in a moment of weakness), I even told myself I was going to just try it on and… Read more »


Julia of the blog “Philly with a Fjallraven” is the writer behind this month’s travel guest post! She’s sharing her list of reasons why Denmark should be on your bucket list. She’s certainly convinced me of why I need to visit this lovely country, but don’t take my word for it, check out her insight into traveling in Denmark, below. And when you’re done, be sure to check out her blog for even more amazing photography and travel posts! Julia’s… Read more »

shein pleated maxi skirt

I watch entirely too much TV. This is mainly because I am married to someone who has very similar taste in television…so, there’s no fighting over the remote, we can binge watch an entire season of a show on a Sunday and not get mad at each other… but actually be rather pleased with how we spent our day of rest. (That’s true love, right? Haha.) So, when we were in New Orleans you better believe we made our way… Read more »

Carousel Bar & Lounge - NOLA

  New Orleans is known for many things, but one of the first things that always comes to mind is how wonderful the food and drinks are. Anytime we asked for a recommendation for a bar or restaurant in New Orleans, the answer was always, “Well, there isn’t a bad place to eat or drink here!” With that being said, there were several spots that really stood out above the rest for us, and offered some truly unique experiences! 1.)… Read more »


You may have noticed when you clicked on this link the fancy, new Have Clothes, Will Travel header at the top of the page! How awesome is that? The lovely Kathy from Lace & Whimsy is the artist behind it. I absolutely love it! Take a look below at the difference between my old blog header and my new one. The one above is the blog header I originally started with, and the one below is what Kathy created for… Read more »

Lilee Fashion dress

Shop the look:   My trip is over, but I now get to go through all the photos I took while in New Orleans and share them with you all! Prepare yourselves for many colored walls, haha! I really loved how brightly colored all the buildings are… and took full advantage of this for outfit photos. These photos were from our very first day in New Orleans. (The photos with the church in the background are from Jackson Square.) We… Read more »

Stylish Surprise dress

Shop the look:   New Orleans is fabulous, guys! I’m having a blast! And don’t worry these photos are not from The Big Easy…it’s much greener there, haha. I took these in Wisconsin just before I left. (And a reminder, you can see photos from my trip on Instagram.) And I’m sorry, I know this dress has been featured on my blog a ton already. However, I love, love, love it! And can you ever have too much of a… Read more »

My courthouse wedding dress

Shop the look:   A few outfit posts ago I mentioned that I didn’t wear a traditional white wedding dress when I was married. In fact, my wedding dress is so far from traditional that I can still actually wear it for events! I had a couple readers ask to see it… so, here it is! Not what you expected, I bet? Haha. My husband and I were married on super short notice (in a courthouse) and my friend, Shannon,… Read more »

Kathrine of Covered in Cathair

Meet Kathrine! She’s April’s Featured Fashionista and the creative mind behind the blog “Covered in Cathair.” She’s also the Instagram star @missinformation! Following Kathrine’s Instagram always makes my day, her outfits are to die for, and she has the wittiest captions. (Her Instagram photos are so cool, they’re even getting featured on BuzzFeed!) Covered in Cathair is actually the first blog I ever followed when I first started my blogging journey. (And Kathrine was one of my very first followers… Read more »

longest lasting lipstick

While makeup is not the primary focus of my blog posts, I do wear lipstick for almost all my posts. And my previous try at a beauty post is actually what sparked the idea to do this one! I had many questions and comments about the lipstick I was wearing in my eyelash extension post. I also had a friend reach out to suggest I try a lipstick called LipSense. So, this post will be taking a look at all… Read more »

Stylish surprise boots

Shop the look:   I have always wanted a pair of rain boots, but I’ve never lived in a very rainy area…and it never seemed like a practical purchase. And then my ModCloth Stylish Surprise arrived with a pair of rain booties this week! I didn’t know rain booties were even a thing, to be honest. I also took one look at the booties and decided I was never going to wear them..they weren’t my style, they looked WAY too… Read more »

Wisconsin Spring Outfit

Shop the look: How do you like my spring outfit? Doesn’t it make you think of flowers and lovely warm weather? Haha. Ugh. I know it’s getting to the point of annoying how often I complain about the weather here, but Mother Nature has seriously lost her marbles lately. 15 minutes before I took these photos, it was honestly snowing so hard I couldn’t see out the restaurant window. And then it was sunny (and super windy and cold, though)…. Read more »