Lilee Yamanto dress

Shop similar items: Like my days, I currently have no idea what season it is. Haha. I certainly have a case of the moving jitters, and they have turned my brain into mush. But in the moving jitters’ defense, the weather here in Sydney has been all over the place too. And the day I wore this outfit certainly felt like a beautiful spring day! However, given that I know a lot of my lovely readers are from the Northern… Read more »

Lilee Fashion dress

Shop the look:   My trip is over, but I now get to go through all the photos I took while in New Orleans and share them with you all! Prepare yourselves for many colored walls, haha! I really loved how brightly colored all the buildings are… and took full advantage of this for outfit photos. These photos were from our very first day in New Orleans. (The photos with the church in the background are from Jackson Square.) We… Read more »

spring capsule wardrobe

Happy Friday! We made it through the week, which means this is the day I get to show you all the items used in my Spring Capsule Wardrobe Week with thredUP! And surprisingly, there really are not too many pieces. Thank you to everyone who read the posts this whole week – I had a ton of fun putting everything together for it. To be completely honest, this week is generally what my week looks like for outfits…Not these exact… Read more »

Closet Clothing Skater Dress

Shop the look: The best outfits are the ones you don’t originally plan for. This floral dress and this frilly cardigan just happened to be hanging next to each other in the closet…otherwise I’m not so sure I would’ve thought to pair them together. This cardigan is one that I have had since high school…and I have managed to break it out every winter since I bought it (eons ago). However, I always paired it with skinny jeans and boots..I… Read more »