This month’s guest travel post is taking us to the bustling city of Mumbai! Nirav Dave is the co-founder of ZaraHutke, in Mumbai, that specializes in offbeat stays & weekend getaways. He is an avid traveler, a dedicated husband, and father and loves Numismatics. Check out his list of 55 amazing getaways from Mumbai, below!

55 Amazing Getaways From Mumbai That Need To Be Explored On Your Next Trip To India

A trip to India is almost incomplete without experiencing the city of Mumbai. Often described as “a city of dreams,” the financial capital of India is the landing destination of the majority of travellers coming from abroad. However, it is often overlooked as just another bustling, cosmopolitan city, and ditched in favour of other traditional destinations which offer the “real taste” of India. What few people realize or know is that they can experience it all, from the vibrant city life to picturesque nature spots, and places of religious as well as historical importance, from Mumbai itself!

Situated just a few a hours away from the city, there are several popular as well as lesser-known areas which have a lot to offer to travellers wanting to experience the true beauty of India. Regarded as ideal weekend hotspots by locals, these getaways are the best options for city dwellers to get away from their mundane routines and relax with their loved ones. Some of these same places can be also be included in your itinerary if Mumbai is on your list of places to visit. This infographic will come in handy if you are planning a trip to Mumbai, India, and wish to visit some of these breathtaking regions surrounding it. It has 55 amazing getaways which can easily be explored within a day or two.

So pack your bags, get ready to experience the magic of India, and enjoy some of these best getaways from Mumbai, which will surely leave a lasting impression on your traveller’s soul!

55+ Weekend Getaways from Mumbai [Infographic] by the team at

Best Weekend Getaways from Mumbai

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