ModCloth skirt and socks

ModCloth Skirt

ModCloth skirt & socks

Striped Hollister sweater

Winter Wonderland outfit

ModCloth skirt & shoes

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Guess what? There was another snowstorm in Wisconsin this week. Shocking, I know. Haha. It sure makes for some pretty photos, though. And in case you couldn’t tell. I really love using these pine trees as a backdrop. The way the snow sticks to them makes it look like I’m living in a winter wonderland!

And when you’re living in a winter wonderland, you have to bundle up a bit. I’m really loving hats at the moment. I don’t have as much hair on my head as I did the past several winters…so, hats have been a big plus to keep my noggin warm this year! This is one of a few that were actually Christmas gifts from my husband’s stepmom. I love the button details on it! (Thank you, Lori!)

My sweater is another one that I’ve had since high school. I still remember buying it, because I had gotten such a good deal on it on the clearance rack at Hollister. ($10!) I don’t believe I’ve stepped foot in a Hollister in about 12 years, but I certainly have quite a few leftovers from my high school days!

This skirt paired with these socks and shoes, is one of my favorite combos. I feel like I can pair just about any top with them and it works. I actually have to be careful not to wear them too often. Haha. This skirt is one of my favorites because I can wear it year round…and it’s one of those magical pieces of clothing that doesn’t wrinkle! If I don’t ever have to iron it, you better believe I’m in love with it. Haha.

I had been outside during the storm shoveling. So, I took a moment to snap a few photos while I was out there, too. It was really pretty! I couldn’t believe how much snow we had gotten in just a couple hours…but that’s Wisconsin for you!

How’s the weather by you? And are there any other hat lovers out there? Let me know in the comments!

Where to find it:

Hat: Gift from Lori (similar here)
Skirt: ModCloth
Shoes: ModCloth (similar)
Socks: ModCloth (similar)
Sweater: Hollister (similar here)
Scarf: Target
Mittens: Target


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30 thoughts on “Living in a Winter Wonderland

  1. jenniferrzasa

    So pretty! We finally got snow here in MA, and I actually had a snow day today. Always fun to get that call in the morning…no school! Hope you have a great weekend 🙂



  2. PrettyKathi

    Dear Lindsey,

    I just adore this outfit!! Your sweater and wrinkle-free skirt are so cute and I just LOVE how you style cute socks with skirts. I am learning so much from you. :0)




  3. Lili

    These photos are gorgeous! I love your outfit against the background!! I can’t believe you’ve had that sweater since high school. And I love that the skirt is non iron, especially with the pleats. I also love the socks with the shoes. This is such a beautiful post!


  4. Mona

    In love with this outfit!! It just looks so pretty and cosy at the same time.
    I love the grey and white together.
    I’m a big fan of hats! But then again, not being a fan of hats isn’t really an option in northern Sweden. But yeah – I love hats! I think they are a fun way to add to your outfit!
    Much love,


  5. moxandsocks

    How pretty is that snow?! Everything has melted in Chicago already, which is a huge relief given the last few years. I love this outfit–the colors complement the background so well, and that hat is adorable!


  6. AmandaBrezovsky

    I love the socks paired with these shoes! You can take photos in front of these trees as much as you want! I love them and they’re so pretty! You guys must have so much snow by now. Definitely try to stay warm.


  7. Ela (@WunderBliss)

    Wow I can’t believe how much snow u guys got! Hahaha probably because we never get snow here anymore, so I’m pretty shocked:p. lol. You look really great in hats! Should definitely be rocking them more:-). I’m a total hat lover and mainly because it’s an excuse not to have to do my hair, which I’ll take any day:p. Hope u had an awesome weekend Lindsey!


  8. Patrick

    This look is so refreshing. I don’t know if it’s the snow or the white or what, but I just want to breathe in through my nose as deeply as I can and feel the cold and the evergreen and the snow. I love it!


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