floral fashionmia dress

Shop the look: Less is more can be a fine way to approach style some days…but, more often than not, I like adding a little extra frill to an already showy ensemble. This fit and flare dress would be plenty fine on its own…but, I just love the way it looked with a little extra oomph. My experiment into the world of petticoats is proving to be a successful one! Haha. I really do like these inexpensive ones from Amazon… Read more »

Lilee Yamanto dress

Shop similar items: Like my days, I currently have no idea what season it is. Haha. I certainly have a case of the moving jitters, and they have turned my brain into mush. But in the moving jitters’ defense, the weather here in Sydney has been all over the place too. And the day I wore this outfit certainly felt like a beautiful spring day! However, given that I know a lot of my lovely readers are from the Northern… Read more »

Vipme dress

Shop the look: Woah, is that some knee showing in this post? Craziness! I’ve hardly worn anything that showed a little leg since I came to Sydney (thanks to its windy conditions). It’s also been awhile since I’ve worn a dress that is this fitted. However, this dress being fitted is the reason I can get away with wearing something a little shorter in the breezy weather here…I won’t have to worry about this dress flying up over my head… Read more »

Birthday Ensemble

Yay! I’m another year older. Haha. My birthday was actually yesterday, and it was not a terribly exciting day. (I spent it packing and doing laundry – how fun, right? Haha.) But I did have all weekend long to celebrate, and had an awesome time in the city with my husband and friends! (If you missed my last post on my adventures in Manhattan this weekend, click here.) These photos were taken on Sunday with my husband for our last… Read more »

Lilac Cove Boutique dress

Shop the look: I am a firm believer that florals are not strictly a spring/summer print, but can be worn anytime of year. The only other print I like as well as florals, is polka dots. So, to say that I am in love with this dress would be an understatement! I have never in my life seen a dress that combined a floral print with polka dots and looked this awesome. I also love the length of this dress,… Read more »