Fashionmia polka dot flare dress

Shop similar items: This is one outfit I had pictured a petticoat going well with. I had actually ordered a black one thinking I would pair it with this dress. However, once I tried it on, much to my dismay, this was one fit and flare dress that looked better on its own without a petticoat. Oh, well! I’ll figure this petticoat thing out eventually, haha. But I was grateful to have another dress with sleeves to wear! We’re not… Read more »

Stylish surprise boots

Shop the look:   I have always wanted a pair of rain boots, but I’ve never lived in a very rainy area…and it never seemed like a practical purchase. And then my ModCloth Stylish Surprise arrived with a pair of rain booties this week! I didn’t know rain booties were even a thing, to be honest. I also took one look at the booties and decided I was never going to wear them..they weren’t my style, they looked WAY too… Read more »

stylish surprise cardigan

Remember last week when I said that I was getting back in the habit of dressing up and such? I take it back! That’s because that was before the temperature dipped into the single/negative digits. I’m right back to wearing cozy cardigans and boots – sorry! But this particular cardigan I’ve been meaning to show you all for quite a while, now. This fun, asymmetrical, cardigan was my “apparel” mystery item in ModCloth’s Stylish Surprise this last fall. Again, this… Read more »