Fashionmia polka dot flare dress

Shop similar items: This is one outfit I had pictured a petticoat going well with. I had actually ordered a black one thinking I would pair it with this dress. However, once I tried it on, much to my dismay, this was one fit and flare dress that looked better on its own without a petticoat. Oh, well! I’ll figure this petticoat thing out eventually, haha. But I was grateful to have another dress with sleeves to wear! We’re not… Read more »

thredUP Spring Capsule Wardrobe

Welcome to Day 2 of my Spring Capsule Wardrobe week! Out of this whole week of outfits, I think this one is my favorite. It has everything in it that makes my heart happy. It includes a very comfortable floral print dress that doesn’t wrinkle…and I have novelty flats & a novelty bag. How can you not be happy when you have panda shoes and an ice cream cone bag? Haha. If you missed yesterday’s post, just a quick reminder… Read more »

dog christmas sweater

Shop the look: I’m showing off my Christmas outfit a few days early, because when Christmas actually hits…there won’t be any time for photos. Haha. My husband and I both come from divorced/remarried families, so we have roughly 50 million Christmas events to attend in 2 days. And unfortunately it doesn’t look much like Christmas at the moment! These photos were taken at my parent’s house, which is a few hours south of my grandparents…and they have zero snow at… Read more »

Panda outfit

Shop the look: Could there be a better combination than panda prints and tulle? I think not! Haha. My panda print collection is really on a roll with my most recent purchase of panda tights. I mean, how could I resist?. These tights from ModCloth are adorable and go perfectly with my panda top and panda flats. However, they come in “one size fits all,” and I can hardly get them on they’re so small. I’m 5’5″ I don’t normally… Read more »

Shop the look: Have you ever had a pair of panda shoes, and just couldn’t decide what to pair them with? Ok, that may just be a problem that I have…but I do really like the way all of my panda attire came together with this little ladybug purse. My panda shoes were a Christmas gift from my mom that I absolutely adore. I’ve been wearing them all winter long with black pants or black leggings and various sweaters. However,… Read more »

Shop the look: For this outfit post I was required to befriend the local duck population. They were initially alarmed by my panda flats (I think, I don’t speak duck very well). However, after I fed them all of my Tostitos (don’t worry, they were the organic, low sodium kind), they realized my panda flats and I were no threat. We were then able to take pictures of my fun outfit, with no trouble from the ducks. This outfit is… Read more »