team instinct outfit

Shop the look:   I know what you’re probably thinking…”Come on! Wasn’t the Pokémon Go craze going on months ago? Why are you bringing it up again?” And that, my friends, is because this weekend Niantic released the “Gen 2” Pokémon. So, there’s a whole bunch of adorable new Pokémon to catch! And Pokémon fans are quite excited! I never really stopped playing the game. My husband and I both enjoy it. But, recently, we weren’t playing as much as… Read more »

Wisconsin Spring Outfit

Shop my phone accessories, here:   Shop the look: How do you like my spring outfit? Doesn’t it make you think of flowers and lovely warm weather? Haha. Ugh. I know it’s getting to the point of annoying how often I complain about the weather here, but Mother Nature has seriously lost her marbles lately. 15 minutes before I took these photos, it was honestly snowing so hard I couldn’t see out the restaurant window. And then it was sunny… Read more »