longest lasting lipstick

While makeup is not the primary focus of my blog posts, I do wear lipstick for almost all my posts. And my previous try at a beauty post is actually what sparked the idea to do this one! I had many questions and comments about the lipstick I was wearing in my eyelash extension post. I also had a friend reach out to suggest I try a lipstick called LipSense. So, this post will be taking a look at all… Read more »

tulle dress

Shop the look:   So, I admit it…I’m a liar. About a year ago I made the statement on here that I never wear animal print clothing (save for a tiny bit in this post, here). However, this is quite untrue now, as you can see. I love wearing prints. However, I never find myself gravitating toward animal print…except for this dress. Who would have thought animal print and tulle could be such a fun combo? This dress is…ooh, about… Read more »

Hot Kiss dress

If asked what my favorite color is, I will always say pink. However, I don’t actually own all that much for pink clothing…or pink anything, really. I tend to gravitate more toward black clothing. Doesn’t exactly make sense, does it? So, when Hot Kiss Clothing was so kind as to send me this cute, pink (and incredibly soft) sundress… I realized this was something that needed to change – immediately. I started with picking up this hot pink shade of… Read more »